Ooh la la! Are you ready to get naughty with a bit of sex and mischief?Of course you are!

This Faux Leather Flogger by Sex and Mischief (Sportsheets International Inc) is inspired by the trilogy Fifty Shades of Grey and makes a sensual tool in your arsenal of sinful sex play products.

The soft faux leather tails are oh-so sensual when caressed over the body, but can become cruel with a flick of the wrist leaving a stinging bite. Vary your strokes to keep your lover in a perfect state between pleasure and pain, balancing on the edge of ecstasy.

This flogger features a nice weight of 0.2 pounds, is 24” total length, with twelve 13” falls, so easy to wield with a bit of practice, making it the ideal beginners flogger. Depending on the force behind the impact, it leaves a stingy rather than thuddy sensation, and can be quite wicked. So do use with care and keep your partner’s pain tolerance in mind.

Retail: $14.99
Price: $11.99
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    Materials and Caring:

    Floggers should be cleaned every so often and between play partners. This toy is made of faux leather (vinyl) so can be washed with a mild fabric cleanser using a damp cloth to rub each frond clean. Wipe dry after cleaning and hang toy to ensure the vinyl does not get creased. The hardware on this toy is nickel free.